Meet the Trainers

Emily Martin - Owner and Trainer

Early Life and Education

Emily comes from a training background unlike most dog trainers. Her career started with lions, tigers, and bears…oh my! Well, it actually started by training her pet rabbits at age 7, but within 10 years she was training lions. After high school, Emily was accepted into Moorpark College Exotic Animal Training and Management program. She graduated in 2003 with an Associates in Animal Science and certifications in animal training, education and zoo keeping.

Early Career

After college, Emily continued teaching the world the importance of conservation with the help of rescued animal ambassadors. She has been fortunate enough to train and raise a wide variety of animals; including
kangaroos, foxes, birds of prey, and cats and much more. Emily traveled often 
with animals to reach a variety of audiences. You may have seen her on The Letterman Show or Ellen.

pawsitively pets is born

After many years of 60 hour work weeks Emily moved to Mammoth Lakes, CA to chase after another passion, snowboarding. While there, she discovered the beauty of the Sierras and the art of dog sledding. For 3 years, she worked as a dog musher at Mammoth Dog Teams with a team of 12 Husky/Malamutes. It was the loyalty of the sled dogs that made her heart turn to working and training canines’ full-time.


Emily founded Pawsitively Pets in Portland, Oregon. She was just visiting and fell in love with the city and how passionate pet owners were about their pets. Pawsitively Pets was blessed to educate hundreds of owners on pawsitive training, proper pet nutrition as well as provide excellent in home pet sitting while clients enjoy vacations.

A few years later, lots of dogs and lots of rain, Emily decided it was time to go back to her roots in the zoo field and and some much needed sunshine. She landed a job at the world famous San Diego Zoo where she spent 5 years as a zookeeper and educator.

pawsitively pets comes to denver

In 2015, Emily was offered a fantastic position at Denver Zoo. She jumped on the offer with excitement to live and work in a city where she can combine her passions of animal training and mountain adventures. With over a decade of animal training experience,  Emily is excited to share Pawsitively Pets with the people of Denver and its surrounding suburbs!



  • Exotic Animal Training and Management Degree
  • Professional, Licensed and Insured
  • Pet CPR and First Aid Certified

Kelsey Kuhn - Trainer


Kelsey first caught the training bug in 2006 during her internship at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington. Her first training assignment was with a guinea pig named Gracie. That summer, Gracie learned to target, turn in a circle, and station. Kelsey learned animal training could be a career and was hooked! Since then, she has trained over a dozen species working in Zoos, in addition to her own dogs, cats, and chickens which are part of her family. Kelsey has also spent some time working in a vet hospital and a dog daycare, these workplaces along with the Zoo have fueled her passion to train cooperative care to our domesticated companions.  In 2020 it was time to say goodbye to her zoo friends and take her training passion to pursue a full-time career, strictly with canines.


Not only does Kelsey enjoy training, but she loves sharing this skillset with others. She developed a class for middle school students titled "How To Train Your Dragon (Or More Normal Animals)" and later adapted it to create a workshop for Denver Zoo volunteers. Training isn't a secret superpower: Kelsey wants to show you how you too can be a "dog whisperer" and deepen your bond with your pet by playing fun games that set both you and your pup up for success!

Kelsey is excited to join the Pawsitively Pets team and will be serving the following communities: Commerce City, Northfield, Green Valley Ranch, Reunion, Montbello, North Aurora, South Aurora, Central Park, Lowry, DIA,  Park Hill, and Foxfield.