Pawsitively Pets Training Techniques and Philosophy

Training Techniques

Pawsitively Pets uses positive reinforcement philosophies. There are 4 quadrants of techniques that can be used to change behaviors and we only use 2 of them. We use techniques that have scientifically been proven to be the most effective and humane.  

We will NEVER use force, fear, or corrective tools with your dog (or the human). 

With my background in exotic animal care and training, I will also share training secrets of the zoo world and how you can maintain proper health without having to always go to the vet or groomer.

My main goal is enjoyable and fun training with successful results.

You will establish a pawsitive relationship with your dog and have fun while getting results.
Training Philosophy

Dog training today is much more complex than it was 10 years ago. A decade ago the training style was based on dominance and corrections. 

Over the years, top-notch professors, psychologist, and trainers have broken down the principles of dog training. We have discovered that correction base training weakens the bond between dog and owner. When being forced to behave the dog participates out of fear. The dogs listened to avoid getting shocked. If we were to be treated that way, life would be miserable.

We will teach you how to become a teammate, with your dog and work together. Our dogs are not robots and their personalities should not be compromised just so that we can get the behavior we want. Training should be fun not a chore. 

Today's training style is much more enjoyable for the dogs because it includes treats, attention and games; plus the added benefit of strengthening the dog/owner relationship. Positive reinforcement training is strongly sweeping the training scene and everyday trainers are switching to positive methods and the dogs are loving it!

Let Pawsitively Pets teach you the fun and inspiring way to train your dog.

The Benefits of Training

Why should you train your dog?

  • Ÿ  A well-trained dog is a pleasure to be around
  • Ÿ  Training your dog will build a great relationship between you and your dog
  • Ÿ  A well-behaved dog is welcome almost anywhere, having your dog at events and on vacation is always fun
  • Ÿ  Your guest will thank you for a dog that does not jump up on them at the door
  • Ÿ  Nobody enjoys the company of a misbehaving dog
  • Ÿ   Neighbors prefer a quite dog versus obsessive barker
  • If you have a neighbor with this kind of dog, give them my info!
  • Severe leash frustration/aggression is a serious problem and can even be a danger

And most importantly:

You can enjoy your dog to their fullest and be confident in having a well behaved companion by your side!

Please do not just stop taking your dogs for walks just because your dog goes crazy when he sees another dog - instead, call me!

Get Training that Suits Your Life

Every dog learns differently as does every human. I pride myself in meeting the training needs that work best for each individual client, from adult to children. Maybe you learn by observing and then doing - if so, group classes might be for you.

Private training might be best for you if:
  • You prefer one-on-one attention
  • You're not quite ready for a group environment
  • You have an inconsistent schedule
  • Your dog is "extra unruly"
Group training is best if:
  • Your dog already has some basic manners
  • You want help with basic puppy training
  • You have a consistent schedule
  • You enjoy learning in a group setting

Let's start working on the problem today!

I can help you learn what is going on with your dog and teach you how to pawsitively work through it. I will spend time training and educating you on proper dog behavior/body posture and then we will work with your dog and develop a training plan.