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Training Services

We offer virtual training across the United States and in-person training in Colorado.
We have a training location in Lakewood Co and offer in-client home training for select neighborhoods (see map below)


Basic Training

For Puppies and Dogs of all Ages

We will work together each lesson to teach your dog new skills to be the best dog they can be, and teach the owners how to understand dog behavior and become a great training team. Our basic training packages are great for:

  • Troubleshooting puppy behaviors
  • The basics: sit, down, place, etc.
  • Polite greetings
  • Loose leash walking
  • Come when called
  • Manners for out in town



Sold in packages:
Puppy Paws, Paws 5, Paws 10


Behavioral Training

For All Things Beyond the Basics

We will work together for each lesson, teaching you how to be a confident handler team and your dog the skills to help overcome their behavioral challenges. Our behavioral training packages are great for:

  • Leash reactivity
  • Resource guarding
  • Dog-on-dog aggression
  • Dog-on-human aggression
  • Socialization
  • Fearful/nervous dogs
  • Vet care, grooming, and body handling

*We do not work with separation anxiety but are happy to refer you to a Certified Separation Anxiety Specialist.



Sold in Packages: Paws 5, Paws 10 (behavioral)


Day Training

Our most popular program

Let us do some of the foundation work by handing over the pup and allow our experienced trainers to implement your custom training plan, then we get you on board once the dog is learning. This is a more intensive training program consisting of 16 sessions total.

  • Great for puppies, new dog owners, and busy families
  • Trainer works with your dog 3 days a week for 50min sessions
  • Then at the end of the week you do a 4th session together to review what your dog has learned and teach you the skills


Best Deal!

Priced for basic manners $2400.00
Behavioral day training is available with trainer approval only.


Stay and Train and Boarding

We offer a top-notch positive reinforcement Stay and Train

This is a fantastic program if you are looking to get a solid foundation on your dogs training. Each board and train is tailored to your dogs goals (within reason). Your pup will integrate into our home environment, no large kennel setting where staff goes home at night. Your dog is treated like family and we never use corrective collars or tools.  

Your dog will have daily sessions dedicated to them in addition to good household manners being upheld. After their stay we will also train YOU the human to make sure you can maintain all their new skills. This program is a min of 14 days for best learning success.

Requirements: must be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, crate trained with no signs of separation anxiety, and be friendly with other dogs. If interested in this service please schedule and inquiry call.
Investment: Starts are $2950

*If you are an established client we would like to welcome your dog to come and board with us while you enjoy vacation (dogs must meet the requirements listed above).  



Drink With Your Dog™:

Brewery Manners Class:  We are the only trainer in the area offering this unique class

A 4-week INTERMEDIATE class that will take your dog's skills to the next level in the brewery environment.  This fun class teaches essential skills for being a great brewery dog buddy! Pawsitively Pets is the ONLY trainer in Denver offering this class!
Your pup will learn:

  • Focusing around distractions
  • Resting under the table
  • Polite ordering
  • NOT stealing your snacks
  • And more!
Unavailable at the moment 

Pre-Registration and Basic Manners Training is Required!


Puppy Prep Course

How to prepare for a new puppy and a step-by-step guide to thrive the first 10 days together 

Are you planning to add a new puppy to your family? If so, this course is for you! This self-paced course will discuss:

  • Deciding when is the right time to add a puppy to your life
  • Breed selection
  • How to choose a breeder or rescue
  • How to prepare for homecoming day
  • Expectations of puppyhood
  • What to focus on in the first 10 days


Coming Soon!

Our promise to owners: We only practice positive reinforcement techniques and will never use force, fear, or corrective tools when working with your dog!